Smart Film/PDLC Film

Liquid crystal film or PDLC film is the basis for switchable glass. By pressing a button, the film is switched from crystal clear and translucent to milky white and opaque. In this way you switch between transparency and visual protection in seconds. From open and transparent rooms are discrete and opaque facilities, for meetings, conferences or seminars. But also for the home area switchable glasses become more and more interesting. They protect against unloved eyes of the neighbors and increase the security and discretion in their own house.

Our portfolio includes various types of liquid crystal films (PDLC film), from crystalline to completely opaque, both for lamination in ESG or float glass, as well as with our self-adhesive film (Adhesive) for subsequent application to existing glass surfaces (windows, doors etc.)

For every conceivable application and size we have the suitable PDLC film. We can also supply the complete switchable glass – on request also with current-carrying fittings for doors or partition walls.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, we produce colored light-emitting diodes for all conceivable applications. This opens up completely new possibilities for the presentation of your company and your products. We would be happy to send you pictures of application examples.