Innovative control electronics for switchable glass

The extendit BOX is intended for all kinds of dynamic glass installations, including:

  • Fixed glass, even bend glass
  • Partitions
  • Frameless glass installations such as folding doors, sliding doors and regular glass doors
  • Facades

Segments of the glass can be toggled seperately when a combination of the extendit BOX with a segment control unit, especially developed by extendit, is being used. This enables the progamming of a blinds-effect in the PDLC film of the glass, but many other shapes, fonts and even logos can be made.

The extendit BOX is a voltage supply, that is able to work with 230 Volt 50HZ as well as with 110 Volt 60Hz. For this, terminal bridges are inserted into the input terminals according to wiring diagram.

The extendit BOX provides a 65 voltage +- 5 voltage which enables the control of a film of up to 6m2. In- and out-voltage are electrically isolated to improve handling and contact safety.

This feature is especially for doors (usually for Rest- and Bathroomstalls). Toggling the glass happens via door handle latch or dead bolt. The extendit BOX gives off a 12 Volt DC current, since regular dead bolts/latches and sensors only have a permission for low voltages. The switching capacity has to be 33 mA. The Outputvoltage of the eCUBE-pro can be adjusted using the build-in relais with 12 ampere switching capacity.